In September MADTOWN came together to file a joint lawsuit against their agency GNI Entertainment. Now that they have won the lawsuit their future is in their hands.


Boy group MADTOWN signed an exclusive contract with GNI Entertainment in January of this year. However, fraudulent activity involving the executive of GNI discovered in March left the group at a crossroads.

Moreover, just months before the discovery MADTOWN had successfully transferred their contract from J. Tune Camp Entertainment to GNI Entertainment. With the move, many anticipated that the group would be able to work on a comeback and participate in other activities promoting the group — something the group had not been able to do since September 2016.

Although MADTOWN debuted in 2014, their time at J.Tune Entertainment was wrought with mismanagement and missed opportunities. Unfortunately, their move to GNI Entertainment resulted in a similar situation. Employees in charge of MADTOWN’s channels of communication including social media, website, and phone lines left the company in the wake of the emerging controversy. These vacancies essentially paralyzed these channels and cut off communication between the group and their fans.

The decision to file a lawsuit was one that all members agreed to and pushed forward in September. MADTOWN said that the lawsuit will legally reveal that their agency is not capable of supporting the group given the lack of support and attention given to their activities. Media and music insiders predicted that the group would win the lawsuit considering the circumstances.

Fortunately, the group won their lawsuits on November 8. Further, the 18th Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Central District Court suspended the exclusive contract between GNI Entertainment and MADTOWN.

Now, the victory has put the destiny group back into the member’s hands.


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By O.C