[M/V] VERIVERY Debute With Bright and Cheerful ‘Ring Ring Ring’


VIXX’s junior boy group VERIVERY have made their 2019 debut.


According to Jellyfish Entertainment, VERIVERY is a creative idol group who produce, choreograph and create their own video content. In particular, all the members participated in composing, writing, and design for their album VERI-US. Moreover, they also planned, filmed, and edited the music video for “Ring Ring Ring.”

As such, they are a “new type” of “evolved idols” who are directly in their production and means of communication.

Indeed, being a group that works on all processes of their products can be traced back to their name. Continuing its tradition of pulling for Latin to bring meaning to their group’s names, Veri is Latin meaning “honest” and “truth.” On the other hand, very is an adverb meaning “intensely,” “greatly,” or “exceedingly.”