[M/V] Band Hyukoh Releases Magnificent New Song ‘Love Ya!’


At one time where the band Hyukoh (vocalist Oh Hyuk, guitarist Im Hyun-jae, bass Im Dong-geon, drummer Lee In-woo) symbolized hipsters’ tastes with there niche sound.


However, their appearance on “Infinite Challenge” sparked a rise in popularity with Oh Hyuk’s unique vocals made their power players on music charts. With their newest album 24: How to find true love and happiness, which shows innovative melodies, emotional lyrics, and adept artistry, will surely see their fame grow.

Notably, their new album is mostly in English. In fact, five out of the six songs are not in Korean asked about this Oh Hyuk answered that there was no particular reason and pointed out that one of their first albumĀ 20 was almost all in English as well.

However, while the singer explains that there was no intention behind the language ratio on the album, he mentions later that “since out music does not play much in Korea, I had hope that [others] would like our music in foreign countries.”

Hyukoh dominates the rock category and is in the top 10 real-time – Mnet

Interestingly, it seems that the group is unaware of their own popularity. As of May 31, their album dominates the rock category on Mnet’s music chart, is top 10 in real time, and is rising on Naver’s music chart too, highlighting their popularity in Korea as well.

Check out Hyukoh’s new song above!


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