Amid mounting anxiety over a third death threat directed at BTS member Jimin, the Los Angeles Police Department responds.

Image source – OSEN News

On July 12, multiple reports indicated that an anonymous internet user issued a third threat directed at BTS member Jimin. Unlike a previous threat made last month connected to the group’s upcoming performance in Fort Worth, Texas, this one is related to the concert in Los Angeles.

In the anonymous post, the internet user said that would hurt Jimin during BTS’ show at the Staple Center in Los Angeles on September 5. In response, Tony Im, the media relations officer for the LAPD said that the “LA Police Department (LAPD) acknowledged that a member of BTS received a death threat” and that they are “aware of the problem and are looking into it,” on July 14.

Likewise, BigHit Entertainment also responded to the threat. In a statement, the agency said that although they cannot confirm its authenticity, they plan to do their best to take “necessary measures against activities that threaten the safety of its members and fans.” Further, while past threats have failed to come to fruition, they have promised to “keep an eye on the situation and prepare for it.”

Nonetheless, because the internet users’ threats towards Jimin directly connect to their September, fans worries continue to mount. With the posters remaining anonymous, no one knows if the group members will remain safe or if the shows occur without a hitch until September — two months from now.

In the meantime, U.S. police are reportedly working on a variety of security measures including additional metal detectors and a transparent bag policy. Additionally, Jimin has also attempted to ease fans saying that he “couldn’t afford to be swayed by such remarks,” at a press conference on May 24.



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