Loco and Mamamoo’s Hwasa have decided to perform ‘Don’t Give it to Me’ one more time at Loco’s solo concert!

According to a source, Hwasa will appear as the special guest at Loco’s concert on May 5. Following their first performance at KBS’s ‘Music Bank,’ the duo has decided to perform their hit song, ‘Don’t Give it to Me‘ one more time.

‘Don’t Give it to Me’ was a song that Loco and Hwasa collaborated on, for KBS program ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’. After they released it to the public, the song soared up to the top of major music charts.

It was the first song from ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ to rank number 1 on music chart, and ‘Music Bank’ invited the two artists to perform at a special stage. In addition, the song is still maintaining its spot as number 1, despite the comebacks from powerful singers.

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Translated by Dasol Kim