Actor Lee Yong-ae has confirmed to come back with a new Japanese era spy-romance drama called ‘Yimong’.

Her appearance will be the first one after ‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’.

‘Yimong’ will be produced by Go Dae-hwa, who has produced a variety of large-scale dramas including MBC ‘Jumong’, KBS2 ‘Hwang Jinyi’, and SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’.

Producer Go will work with Director Yoon Sang-ho, who has directed MBC ‘Taewang Sashingi’ and SBS ‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’.

‘Yimong’ is a blockbuster spy-romance drama about a Chosun surgeon Lee Young-jin, who is raised by a Japanese family.

Lee Young-jin becomes a spy agent for the Provisional Government in Shanghai and travels around Kyungsung and Shanghai to actively get involved in the Pacific War.

Lee Young-ae has been appearing both on TV and in films, including ‘One Fine Spring Day’, ‘Lady Vengeance’, MBC ‘Daejanggeum’, and SBS ‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’.

Currently, ‘Yimong’ is in the script making process and it will start filming next year.


Original article
by Kang Suh-jung

Translated by Audrey Joung#Lee