Lee Seung-gi has been selected as the star of SBS’ entertainment shows this year.

On December 28th, Lee Seung-gi won the Grand Prize at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards, which took place in Sangam-dong, Seoul. It was his very first Grand Prize.

After receiving the award, Lee Seung-gi said: “I can’t believe I am receiving the award that I’ve dreamt of when I was young. Now I can feel the weight of it. Right now, I have very complex feelings. I don’t think I’m receiving this award because of my skills. I’ve come this far because I was able to learn from so many wonderful people.”

A variety of other awards were also given to celebrities that shined SBS entertainment shows. The Top Excellence Awards were given to Yang Se-hyung and Jeon So-min. The Excellence Awards were given to Yook Sung-jae, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Sang-min, and So Yi-hyun.

The ‘Program of the Year’ was awarded to ‘My Little Old Boy’, and the Best Couple was selected as Kim Jong-gook and Hong Jin-young.


by Audrey Joung