Lee Seung-Gi has confirmed to join the second season of Netflix original variety show, “Busted!”

On November 8, Netflix event “See What’s Next Asia” took place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. During the event, producer Jang Hyuk-Jae of the Netflix original variety show “Busted!” announced the addition of Lee Seung-Gi as the program’s new member.

Image Source – OSEN

According to the source, Lee Seung-Gi will replace the original member Lee Kwang-Soo in the second season of the program. Jang further explained, “Lee Seung-Gi joined us without any information. He knew that he was the new member of the program, but nothing else about the program was given to him.”

He continued, “while he seemed very smart and looked like he was starting to figure things out at first, he was still very lost. We are confident that we have resulted in some funny scenes with him.”

Regarding the news, actress Park Min-Young also shared a brief comment. The actress said, “even I didn’t know Lee was joining us. When Lee Kwang-Soo announced his sudden departure, I assumed someone new would be joining us. I kept on making my guesses, but I eventually gave up. Finally, Lee Seung-Gi joined us in filming. I’ve only worked with him for one episode, but I feel like we share many things in common.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim