The trial for actor Lee Seo-won has finally begun.

Image source – OSEN News

The first hearing for actor Lee Seo-won started three months after accusations against Lee surfaced in May.

On September 6, at Seoul’s Easter District Court Lee attended the closed trial with his legal representative, where they provided an opening statement. In their opening statement, Lee’s lawyer argued that the “defendant was so drunk that he could not keep his body under control, fell asleep several times, and attacked” the female colleague, who is also the claimant.

During the hearing, one witness was called to the stand for testimony and to undergo questioning. According to reports, a second witness was scheduled to be questioned but was not present. As such, their testimony will be included in the next hearing that will take place on October 25.

In May, Seoul Gwang-Jin Police Station booked Lee to begin an investigation on claims made by a former female colleague. Lee has admitted to most of the charges against him including sexual harassment and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

According to the claimant, Lee attempted to have physical interaction with the victim, but she rejected him. However, he continued to make other attempts. At this point, the female colleague contacted her boyfriend for help. This angered Lee and threatened the couple with a weapon.

It is extremely likely that Lee will be sentenced to prison.

In particular, it is not recognized as a reason to reduce the penalty for being under the influence of alcohol. Recently, courts have imposed stricter standards on crimes committed while intoxicated. However, there is a possibility that he can reduce his sentence if an agreement is made with the victims, but none have been reached yet.

Lee Seo-won was filming for the drama “About Time” when the scandal broke.


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