Lee Na-Young reveals what caused her to undergo a 6-year long hiatus!

On October 4, actress Lee Na-Young attended the preview for the upcoming film “Beautiful Days” at the Busan Cinema Center. The actress appeared alongside her co-stars, including Jang Dong-Yoon, Oh Kwang-Rok, Seo Hyun-Woo, and director Yoon Jae-Ho.

“Beautiful Days” is a film that tells a story about a mother, who was initially sold to her husband for money. She eventually runs away from the family in search for her freedom and happiness. However, she coincidentally reunites with her long-lost son 16 years later and tries to rebuild their relationship.

Through “Beautiful Days,” Lee Na-Young made the long-awaited comeback after a 6-year long hiatus. During the preview, the actress, who took on the role of the mother in the film, explained the reason behind the long break.

She said, “I guess people could call it a hiatus, but there was not a single day that I didn’t think about acting. Also, people say I have matured through the break and it’s evident in this film, but I don’t know if I can agree with that.”

She continued, “I was always thinking about what my next work should be. I wanted to come back with a story that I could do, I wanted to do, and I was confident to do. That’s why it took a lot longer than I expected. Then, I finally came in contact with “Beautiful Days,” which touched my heart instantly. For the first time in 6 years, I finally found something I really liked.”

Then, the actress took the liberty to explain what aspect of “Beautiful Days” immediately caught her attention.

Lee Na-Young said, “in the past, I could only try to guess what this character must be feeling. But now that I’ve become a mother myself, I don’t have to guess it. I know exactly how she feels.”

She continued, “the script was also very well-written. Because the emotions get build up as the time goes on, the director allowed me to film the flashback scenes, first. It helped me to express my emotions a lot easier. Overall, I liked the fact that the script talks about the importance of motherhood.”

“Beautiful Days” is aiming for a premiere sometime in November.

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Translated by Dasol Kim