Lee Min-Jung plans to reveal what it’s like to live with A-list actor Lee Byung-Hun for the first time on national TV!

On November 18, SBS “My Little Old Boy” released a teaser for its upcoming episode, featuring actress Lee Min-Jung as a special guest. Because it’s a rare occasion that the actress shows herself in variety shows, the news gathered much attention from the public.

Moreover, this is the first time Lee Min-Jung will openly talk about her married life with Lee Byung-Hun since their wedding in 2013. Since then, the two had done no promotions aside from dramas and films, and much curiosity had occurred regarding their lives as a couple.

With her first comeback drama in two years ahead, Lee Min-Jung decided to appear on the show. During the teaser, the actress also mentioned her 4-year old son Jun-Hoo. According to her, whenever Jun-Hoo is asked about his father, he replies “my father is Eugene Choi.” It was the name of Lee Byung-Hun’s character in tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which recently ended with much praise from the public.

Furthermore, when Shin Dong-Yeop mentioned Lee Byung-Hun’s proposal at the wedding, Lee Min-Jung withdrew much laughter from others by saying, “it was so obvious. I knew it was going to happen.” At the end, the actress sent a special message to her husband and asked him to appear on the show himself and generated much buzz around the community.

The upcoming episode of SBS “My Little Old Boy” with Lee Min-Jung will air on November 25 at 9 PM, KST.

Image Source – SBS “My Little Old Boy”

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Translated by Dasol Kim