After being detained for two days at Jakarta Airport on the tail end of his fan meeting tour, actor Lee Jong-suk flew back to South Korea. Now, he has announced that he plans to continue the tour.

Image source – OSEN News

On Tuesday, multiple sources reported that actor Lee Jong-suk would continue with his ‘Crank Up’ fan meeting tour with a stop in the Philipines on November 18. Notably, the news comes after authorities detained Lee and his staff at Jakarta Airport for two days.

According to previous reports, Yes24 the local promotion agency in charge of his fan meeting event in Jakarta failed to obtain the necessary permit for the actor nor did they fill out important documents correctly.

As such, when the Lee and his staff headed to the airport authorities flagged them and confiscated their passports. After authorities released Lee, Yumetomo and Creative Lab hinted at taking legal action against Yes24. According to the two agencies, Yes24 has “caused serious financial and psychological damage to actor Lee Jong-suk and the Aman Project until this point,” and needs to take responsibility.

As a result of the incident, many believed that Lee would cancel the rest of his fan meeting tour. However, the actor expressed his willingness to push ahead with the event for the sake of his fans. In particular, this will be his first time meeting his Filipino fans, making it especially significant. Indeed, as soon as tickets went on sale, all 3,000 sold out immediately.



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