Model Lee Hyun-yi shared her pregnancy news.

On the episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Hello Counselor’, which aired on February 11th, Lee Seung-yoon, Eric Nam, Lee Hyun-yi, and Lee Hye-jung appeared as guests.

The episode was a special one to celebrate the 400th episode of the show. One of the guests, Lee Seung-yoon said, “I am very happy that I got invited to this special moment, and I am enjoying it a lot”.

Lee Hyun-yi shared a big news saying “I am actually pregnant with my second child. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I should give birth next month”.

The show’s host Lee Young-ja got surprised and said “You don’t look like you are pregnant at all”.

Lee Hyun-yi currently has a son named Yunseo, who was born in 2015.


Original article
by Audrey Joung