Singer Lee Hyun talks about his friendship with BTS as their direct senior artist of Big Hit Entertainment!

On October 24 broadcast of MBC “Radio Star,” Lee Hyun appeared as a guest and shared about his friendship with BTS. Not many people realize, but Lee Hyun was the first artist to join Big Hit Entertainment. With this fact, the singer even self-labeled himself as “Big Hit’s No. 1 Founding Contributor.”

Lee Hyun began, “when I tell people I’m an artist at Big Hit, they ask me why I’m there. I would like to clarify that I’m the first artist to sign an exclusive contract with the agency. I’m like their No.1 founding contributor.”

When asked which BTS member is the closest to Lee Hyun, the singer picked Jimin and Jin. Regarding Jimin, Lee said, “I see a lot of resemblance between us. After singing, we always blame ourselves and wonder why we are not talented enough. That’s why we are always monitoring ourselves.”

He further continued to elaborate on his friendship with Jin. When the hosts asked him about Jin claiming to have the most fun when teasing Lee Hyun, the singer jokingly answered, “it’s an honor just to be able to breathe the same air as him.”

He continued, “Jin likes to take my phone away to take a selfie of him. He gives it back and tells me to look at it every time I need like a recharge. One time, we were working on a track together and Jin asked me, “how does it feel like to record with a world star?” I’m just thankful that they feel comfortable around me. His jokes don’t really offend me.”

At last, Lee Hyun complimented the boy group’s leader, RM. Lee said, “he’s charismatic. Also very smart. When I play around with him, I just feel small compared to him. I want to hang out and drink with them, but it’s really hard to get all of us together.”

Image Source – MBC “Radio Star”

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Translated by Dasol Kim