While AOA’s Seolhyun had to leave the stage in between performances on the 15th because of faintness, group FT Island’s Lee Hong-gi is criticized for leaving a thoughtless comment on Seolhyun’s Instagram post.

On December 16th, Seolhyun wrote on Instagram, “I was okay before I went on the stage yesterday, but I think my condition all of a sudden got worse during the performance”.

She continued and said, “It wasn’t cold because the stage was indoor, but I will wear warm from now on. Thank you for your concerns. Also, I would like to apologize to the AOA members, staffs, and fans, who were worried about me. I will show better performances in a great health condition”.

Lee Hong-gi, who is in the same agency as Seolhyun, commented: “Health is the most important. Why don’t you gain weight like me”.

To his comment, more than 2,100 replies have been commented. While some people thought he wrote the comment with concerns about Seolhyun, others thought his comment was inappropriate for the situation.

Seolhyun’s Instagram

Meanwhile, on December 15th, Seolhyun collapsed on the stage at ‘Fortnite Korea Open 2018’ event, and eventually left the stage with the help of fellow members.

After the incident, AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment announced, “Seolhyun was transported to the hospital as she felt dizziness because of the (firework) gunpowder that went off during the stage”. However, previously, AOA’s leader Jimin has mentioned that “Seolhyun had a cold and was in a bad health condition”, and fans accused the agency of lying.

Soon after, the agency made the second announcement by saying “Seolhyun had a slight cold. Her throat was swollen, so when she performed with the indoor hot air, she had hyperventilation. She is better now after getting a check-up at the hospital. Also, the gunpowder we mentioned was actually fireworks that were harmless to humans. We apologize for making an announcement without a fact check”.



Original article
by Audrey Joung