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The most anticipated fake couple is finally coming to We Got Married. As Eric Nam and Solar leave the show, Lee Gook-joo and Sleepy couple is to take their spot.

The chemistry of Lee Gook-joo and Sleepy has already been proven in other variety shows, including I Live Alone and Radio Star.

Especially in I Live Alone, Lee Gook-joo shows how she can be the perfect match for Sleepy who has zero ability to sustain an independent life. In several episodes, Sleepy continuously proposes Lee Gook-joo to join We Got Married together, making audiences look forward to seeing the funny yet adorable couple in the show.

Specific schedule hasn’t been settled yet, but the show will air the first episode featuring Lee Gook-joo and Sleepy couple right after the last episode of Eric Nam and Solar couple, who will meet to film their last day as a couple tomorrow.


By Heewon Kim