Lee Dong-Wook becomes the face model for Chanel’s upcoming male cosmetics line, Boy de Chanel!

On August 21, KingKong by Starship Entertainment announced, “Lee Dong-Wook became the brand campaign model for Chanel’s upcoming male cosmetics line, Boy de Chanel.” Along with the announcement, the agency released a single picture of the actor, flaunting his flawless skin and sharp facial features.

Image Source – Chanel “Boy de Chanel”

This news was especially meaningful because this is the first time a Korean celebrity became the face of a foreign cosmetics brand. While many Korean celebrities have acted as brand ambassadors for foreign cosmetics brands, Lee Dong-Wook is the first Korean celebrity to actually represent the line himself.

Regarding the news, a representative of Chanel commented, “we have a special reason for choosing Lee Dong-Wook to represent our upcoming cosmetics line. We determined that the actor’s confident and masculine image perfectly fit the brand’s value and mission. Furthermore, because the actor receives love from fans all over Asia, we are expecting to gain a very positive effect with him as our brand model.”

Meanwhile, Chanel have chosen South Korea as their first location to launch its first male makeup line “Boy de Chanel” on September 1. Starting in November, it will become available online for the rest of the world, and offline sales will start in January, 2019.

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Translated by Dasol Kim