Lee Dong-woo, “I would like to listen to people who are frustrated by the weight of their lives and work together to think about it.”

Lee Dong-woo
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From April 23 until May 7, comedian and singer Lee Dong-woo (49) will perform will numerous other artists in the drama concert “Shining Road” on the CKL Stage in Jung-hu, Seoul. According to Lee, the purpose of the show is to create a public venue to openly express any pain at heart, join hands with those around you, and facilitate communication with others. In addition to the performances, Lee’s will screen his documentary Seesaw┬áduring the concert.

On April 13, a reporter from Joongang Daily met with Lee Dong-woo and Kangta (40) from H.O.T. at SM Entertainment in Gangnam, Seoul to talk about the upcoming concert. Talking about the reason for the show Lee said, “If you have an impairment, only physical disabilities come to mind. Everyone has big and small disabilities…there are so many people who are sick.” Lee continued revealing that “like the people who helped me when I was in despair, I would like to use my talents to soothe them (other people).”

14 years ago in 2004, Lee was first diagnosed with a debilitating disease that would gradually take his sight away. When talking about this time in his life, he said, “after [I was diagnosed with] a visual disability, I only cried on my knees every day. Those who listen to my story quietly and sympathized with me saved my life.”

Moreover, Lee says that he when he became disabled, he realized how many people serve the needs of the sick and poor, revealing that he always thought “I wanted to become like those people.” As such, this concert is one of the avenues Lee has taken to accomplish that dream.

Motivating the Youth

Speaking about the concert and his involvement, Kangta said he decided to stay with Lee after hearing about the performance, “I didn’t even think about it for a minute” he explained. “Watching [Lee] sing and acting is very touching to the younger generation. If young people see [the perfromance], I think it will help motivate them in their own lives too.”

Along with Lee and Kangta, other reported artists and actors include Lee Seung-chul, SNSD Sooyoung, SHINee Taemin, Yoon Jong-shin, Jeong Jae-hwan, Yu Hae-jin, Jung Sung-hwa, Yang Hee-eun, Ahn Jae-wook, Lee Hwi-hyang, Moon So-ri, Song Eun-yi, Soo Yoo-jin, Heo Jiwoong, Seo Myeongsug, Alberto Mondi, Shin Hyun-joon, Han Ji-min, and Koo Kyung-sun. A total of 20 guests.

Additionally, The concert will be free of charge for all attendees. Notably, Lee plans to donate any proceeds to youth suicide prevention organizations.



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