This week’s episode of SBS’s Law of the Jungle marked a new season where the team heads to Chatham Islands to experience “the stone age”.

This week’s episode of SBS’s Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands ranked first in viewership with an average of 13.9% during the entire episode. The highest viewership during the episode was 15.7% giving the show an amazing start for the new season!

This week was the season premiere of SBS’s Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands is significant since the viewers’ concern that the show’s vision had become compromised was addressed. From the start of the show, the overall goal was that celebrities would leave their glitzy life for a few days in the wild using only natural resources for basic necessities like fire, water, food and bed.

Unfortunately as the show became more popular and invited popular celebrities, at some point everyone was bringing survival tools that defeated the whole purpose of the show. As a result, for the new season that aired on March 2nd, the theme was to “Return to the Basics” by returning to Chatham Islands.

Chatham Islands located 800 kilometers away from New Zealand with only a population of 600. Interestingly, this beautiful place has a 45 minute time difference from New Zealand to everyone’s amazement. This trip consisted of 7 Korean celebrities-Kim Byung Man (leader), Koyote’s Kim Jong Min, Hello Venus Kwon Nana, Nu’est Baekho, Kim In Kwon, Don Spike, Moon Ga Bi-promising a exciting season with lots of laughter!

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