Laboum’s Solbin is starring in an action film ‘Survivorship Bias’ (literal translation) as the female lead.

‘Survival Bias’ is a story about high school students who receive a deadly mission from a mysterious high-authority group. Overall, the movie centers around the overlooked problems regarding the education system in South Korea, much like the Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale.’

In the movie, Solbin will act in the role of a bully at school named Sung Ji-Na, who took control of her school with Martial Arts skills. Because of this, a source revealed that Solbin has been receiving various physical training for months now.

K Tigers Pictures said, “South Korean movies receive lots of criticism for dealing with same subjects over and over again. They even say that “South Korean movies cannot survive without gangsters or cops.” However, with ‘Survival Bias,’ we tried to escape the criticism with a new and fresh subject.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim