Although Kyulkyung is a classically beautiful woman, the singer reveals she did not believe she was beautiful until Mnet’s “Produce 101.”

For the August issue of Star1, Pristine member Kyulkyung’s strong charisma was emphasized by perfectly red lips and different styles that included a red top, a white suit, and a lovely dress.

Having completed promotional activities for Pristine’s sub-unit Pristine V, Kyulkyung has kept herself busy with her entertainment schedules that span both Korea and China. Recently, the elegant singer donned a traditional Chinese dress for a special bipa performance on “China’s Hunan TV,” a string instrument she began to learn when she was only six years old.

Getting a head start on things at a relatively young age may have begun at that point. Eight years ago in 2010 marked the first time the singer stepped onto Korean soil. “Eight years ago I was attending middle school in China and only came to Korea when I was on vacation,” she explained. However, in only a few years time the singer would begin attending high school in Korea, a time which she describes as starting her “life in earnest.”

Understandably, living and training in a different country had its difficulties. “Up until that time I wasn’t good at Korean. At the same time that I was training, I was working hard at learning (the language).”

Nonetheless, although she lacked fluency, Kyulkyung says that she did not have a problem communicating. “I have never felt a language barrier,” the singer asserts. Instead, as she learned Korean, she supplemented what she did not know with body language. “I was quite expressive and comfortable communicating with people. Thanks to my high school years in Korea, I was able to learn Korean quickly.”

Additionally, although she garnered attention for her glamorous look before she debuted, Kyulkyung reveals she didn’t think she was pretty. In fact, it wasn’t until she competed on Mnet’s “Produce 101” that her confidence in her looks grew. “Because there were so many attractive people around me, I didn’t think it was pretty until I appeared on the audition show. So, I was a little embarrassed at first when I was complimented for being pretty.”

Closing the interview the singer talked about her goals as an artist. “I want to let people know me and be recognized for my skills,” she explained demonstrating her passion and determination.



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