The players of the Korean national soccer team who played in the FIFA World Cup in Russia, have secured sizable monetary awards.

Image source – OSEN News

On Tuesday, the Korean Soccer Association (KFA) said that it awarded all 23 players on the team ₩50 million (44,724 USD) for participating in the World Cup. In total, the KFA paid out ₩1.1 billion to the team.

Unlike the World Cup finals where the award is correlated to by players’ contribution, KFA equally distributed the pay amongst the players. According to reports, this is due to the national team’s elimination at the group stage.

If the team had advanced, a four-tier scale would have been implemented. Category A players would get ₩80 million, while KFA would award B, C, and D ₩60 million, ₩40 million, and ₩30 million, respectively. Son Heung-min who likely have been in category A would have gotten ₩130 million if the ₩50 million was added as a bonus.

In addition to the players, 18 other people, all of which are staff also received money. One of the recipients is the national team’s coach Shin Tae-yong. Reportedly, the amount given to each person is based on a contract. As such the specific amounts were not disclosed. However, KFA disclosed that the amount paid to all the supporting staff including the coaching staff was ₩1.55 billion.

Overall, that in approximately 2.64 paid for staff and participating players. Previously, for the last World Cup, the KFA out a total of ₩2.4 billion.



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