Earlier this year China banned Hallyu products ranging from music and concerts, to cosmetics. Now, it seems that the ban is slowly lifting.

Hallyu China Ban

Chinese viewers can once again view Korean star performances on television. These appearances follow a complete ban of Hallyu products after the deployment of THAAD. Currently, the lifted ban is apparently only applicable to the fields of culture and arts.

MAMAMOO’s performance at the Asia Broadcasting Festival was broadcast live throughout the Sichuan Province. Further, internet searches for the performance afterwards was explosive.

This performance, its reception and dissemination, has been handled very differently in comparison to earlier this year. When the ban was first announced this performances like this would have been completely blocked.

A Sichuan TV official commented that, “Everyone was able to enjoy the show, and I think we can improve our [South Korea and China] friendship in this way.” Some are taking the broadcast as a sign that a change is due to occurred, and it seem like they are right.

Small and medium Chinese broadcasters have recently made contact with Korean entertainment companies to resume Korean dramas. Moreover, China’s state-owned CCTV aired a special program ahead if the Pyeong-chang winter Olympics. In this special program emphasized the South Korea-China friendship.

This may be a strong indication that relations between the two countries will regulate soon. This comes on the tail of a high-ranking Chinese official revealing a desire to resolve the ban.

By O.C