Having kids is not a prerequisite to having a happy life and a fulfilling marriage.

Kim Won-hee
Image source – SBS

On Tuesday’s episode of SBS’ “Today’s Family” actress Kim Won-hee had a simple and honest answer in response to curiosity about her family life — or perhaps lack thereof. Kim has been married for 14¬†years but has no children of her own. Rather, she spends her time with nephews and other relatives.

Over time, many wondered why the actress has not started a family of her own. In response, Kim said that although she was born into a large family with many children, she has “no intention of having children so far. I am satisfied with my life,” said Kim.

While she doesn’t recommend the lifestyle for everyone, she emphasized that it is “just her life” and she is satisfied with it. More, she asked is having nephews she could dote on “was not enough,” but answered it, saying that for her, it is.




Translated by O.C