Kim Sung-Ryung will appear as the mother of Park Shin-Hye in upcoming thriller!

On October 3, a source from the film industry reported that Kim Sung-Ryung has confirmed to appear in the upcoming thriller film “The Call” also starring Park Shin-Hye.

“The Call” is a new thriller film that follows a story of two women from different time periods. One mysterious call magically connects the two as they chase after the truth behind a life-and-death situation.

Kim Sung-Ryung will appear as the mother of Seo-Yeon, the female lead role taken on by Park Shin-Hye. Seo-Yeon coincidentally picks up a phone call from the past and encounters an incident that she never thought possible. As her mother, Kim Sung-Ryung reportedly plays an important part in how the story unfolds.

Yong Film, the company that also produced 2015 films “Beauty Inside” and “Lucky” have partook in producing the new thriller film. This is the second time Kim Sung-Ryung has joined forces with Yong Film, after film “Believer” that was released earlier this year.

Furthermore, a rookie director Lee Chung-Hyun, who debuted through a 2015 short film “Bargain,” has taken over the directing. “The Call” will finalize the casting for supporting roles as well as pre-production before officially beginning filming in November.

The film aims for a premiere in 2019.

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Translated by Dasol Kim