“Sky Castle” actresses Kim Seo-hyung and Oh Na-ra made guest appearances on variety show “Knowing Bros,” recording the show’s highest viewership ever.


On February 9, JTBC variety show “Knowing Bros” invited two of the actresses of “Sky Castle,” celebrating the drama’s huge success. Thanks to the help of the guests, “Knowing Bros” recorded the highest viewership at 9.585%.

The number is impressive, especially when compared to that of the previous week. The episode aired on February 2 recorded 6.1%, which is 3.485% lower than the “Sky Castle” episode.


Kim Seo-hyung and Oh Na-ra showed off the aspects no one has possibly ever guessed. Oh Na-ra showed off her cheerleading skills, while Kim Seo-hyung turned the studio to a karaoke, losing her charismatic character in the drama.

Previously, the highest viewership was made by Psy, which was 7%. By making the record that’s incomparable to any, the actresses once again proved the popularity and influence of “Sky Castle.”


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