Top actor Kim Rae-won will star in director Kang Yoon-sung’s next film.

Long live the King, Kim Rae-won
Images source – OSEN News

According to multiple reports on June 19, Kim Rae-won has accepted a main role in The Outlaws‘ director Kang Yoon-sung’s next film.

Further, the working title of Kang’s next film in Long Live the King, and if reportedly based on the well-known webtoon of the same name. The webtoon’s story revolves around a gangster named Boss from Mokpo.

However, Boss is looking to change the country by becoming a politician and is running for office, creating a complicated and interesting series of events. Can a man who lived and worked in the underground shine as an office holder?

In addition to being based on the popular webtoon, Long Live the King is gaining attention because it is Kang’s next project. For his breakout film The Outlaws which starred Ma Dong-seok, he not only directed the movie but also wrote it as well. Moreover, with Kim Rae-won has been ranked number one in virtual cast lists since this news came out.

Meanwhile, the film’s production team will finish casting the other major roles and continue from there.



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