Kim Jong-kook’s mother makes a advertises her son as an eligible bachelor.

Kim Jong-kook
Image source – screen capture via OSEN News. “My Little Old Boy” is property of SBS

In the February 25 episode of “My Little Old Boy,” featured Kim Jong-kook and his mother as guests. During the show, Kim’s mother, now 73 years-old, makes a case for her son’s marriageability.

“He sings well, he is good to his family, and not yet married.” More, when asked why she agreed to appear on the show she said, “Becuase the producer said he would introduce my son to a good woman.”

Well, lucky for her, her future daughter-in-law may have been watching the show. According to Nielsen Korea on February 26, the episode scored 19.1 percent in audience viewership nationwide. Further, Seoul saw the highest rate with 21.0 percent with the capital area clocking in at 20.9 percent.

Kim Jong-kook, a singer and entertainer, appeared as a special guest. His appearance and subsequent unveiling of his residence revealed something unexpected. Apparently, Kim Jong-kook is a frugal man who likes to hoard possessions that hold meaning for him.

In the episode, he shows off an aged collection of items including shoes from 14 years ago. Additionally, the singer also revealed a packed attics with items from his activities in the 1990s. Some of the items spotted included Turbo costumes and more, surprising the hosts of the show.



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