The two entertainers, who have starred on “Running Man” for almost a decade, display a close friendship.

Kim Jong-kook
Image source – OSEN News

On June 25, a few days after news broke that Ji Suk-jin’s father had passed away, a representative of Ji’s radio show “2 o’clock Date” announced who would fill in for the comedian. “Kim Jong-kook will appear as the special DJ,” the representative said.

Both Kim and Ji are long-time cast members for the variety show “Running Man,” and have since developed a strong friendship. According to reports, the singer seems to be equally sad about the situation. As a result, he willingly accepted the DJ nomination to fill in Ji’s temporary and unexpected vacancy.

While on the show, Kim talked about his best friend and “Running Man” member HaHa, his health, and romance. In addition to the singer working to fill in Ji’s vacancy, the staff of “Running Man” decided to postpone filming to allow the entertaining enough time to mourn.

Since the funeral on June 23, Ji Suk-jin is expected to return to his regular activities soon.



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