Actress and former leader of Kpop group Rainbow, Kim Jae Kyung has been capturing hearts due to her beauty and elegance emphasized by her Hanbok attire.


On January 7th, actress Kim Jae Kyung’s agency Namoo Actors shared 2 photos of the beautiful actress who is the 2018-2019 ambassador of Korean Hanbok on their official Instagram account. The pictures accompanied the caption “Kicking off to 2019 #SonJaeKyung Please watch actress Kim Jae Kyung’s appearance airing tonight on Section TV at 8:55 pm” with other hashtags. The pictures show the former idol’s bright and energetic personality while also showcasing her elegance to mesmerized fans.

Kim Jae Kyung’s love for Hanbok was in the spotlight on MBC’s Section TV that aired on January 7. During the show, Kim Jae Kyung was seen to wear Hanbok fashion often in daily life and even making a Hanbok outfit for her pet. When asked how she was selected to be the ambassador for the Hanbok , Kim is said to have jokingly replied “I put in a lot of effort.”

The former leader of Kpop group Rainbow has been garnering much love and attention due to her successful transition as an actress, even earning an award during the 2018 MBC Drama Awards.


By Sara N