Kim Hye-Soo is especially thankful that Yoo Ah-In so easily agreed to join her in their new film “Sovereign Debt.”

On November 20, actress Kim Hye-Soo participated in an interview to promote her new film “Sovereign Debt.” She began by going back to the first time she encountered the script and said, “I felt the rush of excitement in me.”

She continued, “usually, when I review scenarios, I review them at night. In my bed, sitting comfortably. But when I saw this particular script, I had to sit straight. As I was looking at it, I even got mad. I read the script while researching for historical facts.”

Film “Sovereign Debt” is set in 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis. At the time, South Korea was experiencing a rapid economic growth and there was a haste to build great conglomerates to compete on the world stage. As the businesses kept borrowing, many of them failed to ensure returns and profitability for foreign shareholders.

The scenario originated from an actual article that existed in 1997 that suggests that there was a secret team composed to prevent further economic damage to the country. In order to spread the news about its existence, A-list actors have confirmed to appear in the film.

Regarding her co-stars, Kim Hye-Soo specifically mentioned Yoo Ah-In. The actress said, “I’m especially thankful for Yoo Ah-In.”

She continued, “it’s not really important your character in the film, but the actors seem like they could not overlook the possibility of taking over a minor role, such as Yoon Jung-Hak.”

According to the actress, many male actors hesitated to accept the offer to play in the role of Yoon Jung-Han, since he did not appear in the film as much as other male roles. At the end, Yoo Ah-In confirmed to take on the role. Kim concluded, “but, Yoo Ah-In didn’t seem to care about how often his character is shown in the film. He accepted the role, anyways. And for that, I’m thankful.”

Image Source – HODU&U Entertainment

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Translated by Dasol Kim