Kim Dong-Ryul takes to his Instagram to show gratitude towards IU and the kindness she showed during their recent collaboration.

On December 14, musician Kim Dong-Ryul delivered his gratitude towards his fans and IU for the successful launch of their recent collaboration “Fairytale.”

On Instagram, Kim begun, “last Friday, track “Fairytale” was released. Because it was also the first day of my concert, I ended up just uploading the link to the music video. Despite my lack of communication, many of you so gratefully enjoyed the track. Thanks to you, I got to place No. 1 on music charts, and I was able to finish off this year with great news.”

He said, “I began working on this track about two years ago. Finally, it’s here. First of all, I would like to thank IU for so willingly accepted my offer to feature in the song. We recorded the song on the first day of her filming of tvN’s “My Mister.””

“During the recording, IU thanked me for asking her to feature in the song,” Kim continued. “She said that because her character in the drama is rather depressed, she was going through some emotional struggles. Apparently, my track gave her the bright energy that she so desperately needed. I did not understand what she meant then.”

He concluded, “but now that I’ve seen the drama, I get it. She was so bright. She exceeded my expectation. Whenever I had a request, she would go beyond that. She was always prepared. She had a beautiful voice. With all that combined, she wowed all staff, including myself.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-Ryul’s “Fairytale feat. IU” dropped on December 7 and immediately soared on top of several domestic music charts. Both musicians are currently wrapping up the end of 2018 with tours.

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Translated by Dasol Kim