The Maze Runner actor Ki-Hong Lee has accepted an offer to star in the upcoming blockbuster “Prometheus,” his first role in a Korean drama.

Ki-Hong Lee
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Hollywood actor Ki-Hong Lee much-anticipated entrance into the Korean drama market. On August 24, the production team for the show confirmed that Lee had decided to accept a casting offer for the role of Frank Lee, a secret agent of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The announcement is garnering a lot of excitement in the entertainment world for a few reasons. The first is that Lee is a global star loved not only in Korea but around the world due to his role in The Maze Runner trilogy. Next, is the fact that this will be the actor’s first role in a Korean drama, signaling a crossover from Hollywood to the Korean market.

Lee’s acceptance of the part was done only after careful consideration — the production team offered him the role eight months ago. Nevertheless, with his confirmation, the roster for the upcoming action spy drama is approaching completion. In addition to Lee, Ha Ji-won, Jin Goo, and Park Ki-woong have already announced they appeared in “Prometheus.”

According to earlier reports from the show’s creators, “Prometheus” delves into a complicated situation as multiple countries’ agents cross paths while investigating a situation connected to North Korea’s nuclear program.

Reportedly, the actors will begin filming at the end of September. Further, the crew plans to start with the show’s scenes that take place outside of Korea. It will broadcast sometime next year.



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