The Unit, one of the newest survival themed program,  has an impressive mentor line-up for the program’s participants.

The unit mentors
“The Unit” mentors – MBN Star News

With the filming of the reality survival program underway pictures of “The Unit” mentors have surfaced – and boy is it a line-up. Rain, Hyuna, SHINee Taemin, San-E, Urban Zakapa Jo Hyun-ah, and Hwang Chi-yeul are confirmed mentors for the program.

Rain, Hyuna, Tae-min, San-E, Chi-yeul, and Jo Hyuna talk before before filming – Via Twitter: @rain_oppa

As previously written by Kpoplove, “The show [The Unit] will bring in idols who have already debuted but have not yet had the chance to fully showcase their talents.” The concept of the show makes good mentors critical to the success of the contestants.

Mentors for “The Unit” were chosen specifically for their experience as entertainers. This panel of mentors has experience as top idols, international advancement, and strong solo activities. Clearly then, these qualities make them perfect examples that contestants can draw inspiration from and aspire to.

Hyuna, and Taemin will guide and provide advice related to performance and dance. Likewise, San-E, Hwang Chi-yeul, and Jo Hyun-ah will relay feedback on rap and vocals. Rain, on the other hand, will be the MC for the show, but will likely still act as a mentor in some capacity.

San-E, Rain, and Chi-yeul have been busy with individual activities including being MCs, working on music, and appearing on variety programs.  Hyuna and Taemin have been has recent comebacks while Jo Hyun-ah is working on a new duet with Im Si-wan.



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