Broadcast companies KBS and MBC plan to alter their schedule for the 2018 Asian Games in Bahrain.

On August 15, KBS and MBC announced their plans to alter their broadcasting schedule for the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games competition. As a result, as they make space for preliminary matches between counties, it also pushes regularly scheduled programs aside.

KBS will delay both “Mr. House Husband 2,” which airs on KBS2 TV, and the drama “Your House Helper” for 30 minutes. On the other hand, MBC has decided to cancel the broadcasts for “Daughter-in-law in Wonderland” and “Time” for the time being. More, “Radio Star” has been pushed back to 11 pm local time.

According to the broadcast companies, viewers in both Korea and Bahrain are interested in the women’s basketball qualifiers between Korea vs. Indonesia and Korea vs. Bahrain in Group E. Further, many are also looking forward to seeing how Korea’s national soccer team will perform.

Conversely, SBS, which has no live coverage at the Asian Games will air its programs with no changes.



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