[M/V] Katie Kim Makes Her Long-Awaited Debut with ‘Remember’


Nearly three years after winning the final title on “K-Pop Star 4” in 2014, Katie Kim finally makes her debut.


Katie Kim joined with creative YG Entertainment director SINXITY for her debut single “Remeber, from her album Log. The title of the singer’s first album implies logging a date, marking the time when she has finally entered the music industry officially.

“Remember” is a genre of future R&B with lyrics that express the heartbreaking moments of love. More, it is a perfect song that suits Kim’s airy yet solid vocals that help create a mysterious and chaotic feeling.

In addition to the stand out visuals in the video, a number of rappers can also be spotted including Sik-K, Jamezz, Vasco, C-jamm, Woo Won Jae, Woodie GoChild, Zion-T and more.


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Translated by O.C