Kang Ji-Young, currently actively promoting in Japan, becomes the talk of the town with recent Instagram update!

On September 17, Kang Ji-Young uploaded a video of a popcorn machine at a theater as her Instagram story. However, little did she know the big conspiracy this seemingly trivial and meaningless video would create among the K-netizens.

After Kang uploaded this certain video, a few netizens speculated that the video was aiming at Goo Hara, who is currently battling her ex-boyfriend who claims that the singer had physically attacked him while trying to end their relationship.

According to the netizens who accuse Kang Ji-Young of secretly attacking Goo Hara, the singer/actress intended that by uploading a picture of popcorn, she was secretly admitting to enjoy what had been happening to her former co-worker, Goo Hara. In other words, Kang was enjoying the controversy like a movie, getting the popcorn to enjoy it even more.

In response, Kang Ji-Young is denying all accusations.

The actress, who is currently residing in Japan, argues that she is not very aware of the current events in Korea, let alone the specifics of Goo Hara’s case.

Furthermore, Kang has always expressed the ongoing friendship with all KARA members, including Goo Hara. During a recent interview with OSEN, Kang had said, “we all get along very well. We never had one single rumor between members, and still, we have a very great relationship. We even have a chat room where we occasionally update each other on our lives.”

She continued, “we wanted to make time to hang out, but we are all busy. Consequently, it’s been a while since we all saw each other in person. However, we do still keep in touch.”

Regarding Goo Hara, Kang Ji-Young said, “I see her more often than other members. Because Goo Hara comes to Japan a lot, it’s easier to meet up with her. I ask her where she is staying at and I visit her. Also, I realized how lonely it is to go on promotions by myself. It’s hard pouring that energy all by myself so I miss my¬†unnies when I’m on stage.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hara is currently battling her ex-boyfriend, who claims that the singer had physically attacked him when he announced the end of their relationship. However, the singer argues otherwise, and the police are currently questioning both parties.

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Translated by Dasol Kim