Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel announced his plan for a solo debut in April.


On January 21, Kang Daniel surprised fans with an unannounced live stream on Instagram. During the streaming, the artist surprised fans even more by revealing his solo plans.

Although the live broadcasting has started in the middle of nowhere, more than 60 thousand fans came to watch him. Kang Daniel tried to interact with fans as much as he could.

“I can’t tell the details yet, but I will see you guys in April,” said the artist, finally unveiling the solo plan. “I have so many things planned out and I’m excited too. It’s going to be fun.”

Since the official end of Wanna One’s activity on December 31, fans have anticipated how Kang Daniel will come back. With this announcement, fans are now excitedly waiting for the solo debut in April.

“I can’t say anything now because anything I say might be a spoiler,” Kang Daniel added. “I just want to be who I am as an artist.”


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