Kang Daniels legal representative refuted a report that the singer has been to Burning Son and other connections to Seungri.

Image source – OSEN News database

“It is absolutely not the truth,” said Sun Jong-moon, an entertainment lawyer hired by Kang Daniel, regarding his connection to Seungri. “He has never met Seungri or gone to club Burning Sun,” he said.

Sun’s response comes after the broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” on Monday. The episode delved into the conflict Kang is currently embroiled in with his agency LM Entertainment in its “hot people” section. The show contended that businessperson from Hong Kong who wants to support Kang’s solo career is the same Taiwanese financier who is one of the biggest investors in Burning Sun.

Image source – MBC

Moreover, when asked if Seungri is connected with the current conflict between the Kang and his label, Sun responded that it was also untrue. Sun completely denied that the BIGBANG member was involved in the. Additionally, Sun also said that he would be looking into the rumor and would take legal action if necessary.

Meanwhile, Kang who made his debut in Wanna One in 2017 after the second season of “Produce 101” on Mnet. This January, he left MMO Entertainment and signed an exclusive contract with LM Entertainment. Now it seems like the singer is not getting the support that he wants at the new agency. Although both sides are working toward an agreement, his solo debut slated for April is now in question.




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