Stars like Eric Nam, former Wonder Girls’ Yubin, f(x) Luna, and Block B’s P.O all shared a magical night with luxury brand Givenchy.

Image source – Givenchy Beauty

On December 20, the Givenchy Beauty Holiday Party held in Gangnam, Seoul attracted a slew of stars. Some singers to attend the event included f(x) Luna, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, Eric Nam, and Block B‘s P.O.

At the holiday party, Givenchy hosted several activities such as secret beauty classes and interactive forums where attendees could pick of styling tips for the end of the year. Moreover, many also had a chance to talk about their wishes for 2019.

Eric Nam, P.O, and more shared what their New Year’s resolutions are likely to be. Related to the theme of the night, P.O revealed that he wants to shoot a cosmetics pictorial next year, while Eric Nam said he wants to have fun times with his loved one. Similarly, singer Changmin also wanted to spend more time with family and friends.

For the holidays, stars have several different wishes. “I hope it snows a lot,” said actress Lee Tae-ri, who has been having a very busy year. Due to the hectic schedule, she’s had for the past few years, Lee mentions wanting to make up for lost time with her family. On the other hand, Luna hoped to eat her three favorite foods, bibim-guksu, sweet cream cakes with strawberries, and grapefruit ade for Christmas.



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