JYJ’s Kim Junsu has completed his mandatory military duties!

On November 5, Kim Junsu finally completed his mandatory military duties. After working at the special promotions unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency for 21 months, Kim Junsu is ready to come back to the welcoming arms of his fans. With Kim’s return, all JYJ members have now completed their military duties.

Many fans and press gathered around to welcome the singer back to the society. The singer responded, “I did not know this many people would make it on this day. I had become very dull and numb about these experiences for the past year and 9 months. Thank you all for traveling so far to see me.”

When asked what the first thing he would like to do now that he is a free man, Kim Junsu answered, “I want to sleep like nothing in the world matters. Also, I would like to travel around. But of course, I would like to get on stage and see my fans again.”

The singer also mentioned other two JYJ members. Kim said, “I was able to visit outside my unit recently, and the members sent me congratulatory messages. I suspect that we will get together soon. I’m not sure when the three of us will be back on stage altogether, but we will definitely talk about it.”

Kim also shared briefly about his military experience. He said, “I got to experience a lot of things while in military. There are many experiences you don’t get to go through unless in the military. The one particular event that I can think of at the top of my mind right now is getting to meet President Moon Jae-In during the event for 73rd Police Day. I sang in celebration of the day, and President Moon came to see me. It’s not something you get to experience back in the society, so it will be a moment to cherish forever.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu’s first scheduled event after the military discharge is the fanmeet on November 7. The singer will get the chance to say his official greetings through the event and begin the new chapter of his life.

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Translated by Dasol Kim