Investigators will question singer and TV entertainer Jung Joon-young, 30, on charges of secretly shooting and distributing sexually explicit video via Kakao Talk messenger this week.

Jung Joon-young arrives at Incheon International Airport from the U.S. – OSEN News database

Through a lawyer singer and TV personality Jung Joon-young hired before returning from the U.S. to South Korea, Jung reported that he will voluntarily go to the police for questioning on Wednesday. He will decide on the exact time after consulting with his lawyer on the matter.

On Sunday, SBS reported that Jung shared sexually explicit videos and photos of himself having intercourse with women in group chatrooms on Kakao Talk, a messaging application. Furthermore, according to reports, other celebrities including Seungri, debatably a former member of BIGBANG.

This has led both media outlets and the public alike to speculate who these celebrities are. Additionally, they are raising questions whether any of these celebrities were involved in the creation and distribution of the footage.

To date, at least two celebrities have issued official statements denying any involvement.

On Monday, Jung flew back from the U.S. where he was filming for the third season of a tVN show. He landed back in South Korea around 6 p.m. Reported on the scene bombarded the entertainer with questions but got nowhere. At that time he said that he cannot answer any questions at that time and that he is sorry.

Recently, a netizen created a petition asking that he wear an ankle monitor and be chemically castrated on the Blue House’s official site.




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