Jung Il-Woo is back and free!

On November 30, actor Jung Il-Woo announced his return to the society after getting discharged from the military. After quietly enlisting in the military in December, 2016, the actor fulfilled his mandatory duty as a public service worker for the past two years and has finally returned.

Due to the car accident in 2006, which resulted in a severe injury in his wrist and hip, the actor was declared unfit to join as an active soldier. In fact, he was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm, which freed him from serving in the military at all, but the actor still enlisted without requesting a reexamination.

To commemorate the end of his service, Jung Il-Woo said, “during my time as an ordinary Jung Il-Woo and not actor Jung Il-Woo, I learned and experienced many things. This has allowed me to solidify my ground as an actor even more firmly. I sincerely thank all my colleagues and representative with whom I spent my last two years.”

Even before he officially announced his return, the actor had already chosen his next drama. The actor had confirmed to star in the upcoming SBS historical drama “Haechi,” which aims for a premiere in February. Thus, he will be working closely with actors Kwon Yool and Go Ara.

Jung briefly discussed the drama and how he feels about finally returning to the industry. The actor said, “I was thirsty for a return. For the past two years, I was only looking forward to making my comeback. I wanted to work.”

At the end, he said, “I want to repay the love my fans have sent me. Now that i’m back, I will do my best to do that with dramas and films. Thank you.”

Original Article
Translated by Dasol Kim