Jung Hyung-don and Defconn are officially stepping down from their MC Positions of ‘Weekly Idol’, which they have been hosting for 7 years.

On February 22nd, a source said “Jung Hyung-don and Defconn are leaving MBC Every1’s show ‘Weekly Idol’ after their last shooting on March 7th”.

The two have been hosting the show since July, 2011. Although the show didn’t get much recognition during the beginning, Jung and Defconn’s perfect harmony with a lot of idols has led the show become popular. And at some point, the show has become a “mandatory” show for many idols to appear on. All of the top idols have been on the show, including Big Bang, BoA, Girls’ Generation, BTS, Super Junior, EXO, and IU.

It’s especially a special show for Jung Hyung-don. In December, 2015, Jung had to take a break because of his health problems. Defconn and a special MC led the show until March, 2016, when Kim Hee-chul and Hani hosted the show as temporary MCs. In October that year, Jung Hyung-don came back and has been hosting the show since then.

Yet, both Jung and Defconn will step down from their MC positions, and the program may also change to a seasonal show. There is nothing specific decided in terms of the show’s format or next MCs.


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Translated by Audrey Joung