Jung Hyo-jung, who comes from Busan, overcame multiple strong competitors to secure her fencing title.

Image source – Fencing Association

Veteran female fencer Jung Hyo-jung (34) won the Women’s Fencing World Cup individual title held in the capital of Estonia over the weekend.

Jung won the titles after beating Hong Kong’s Man Wai Vivian Kong, an Olympian, in a 10-6 match. Before meeting Kong in the finals, Jung dueled with Olena Kryvytska from Ukraine, winning with an 11-5 result in the 32nd round. More, she also bested Melissa Goram from France (7-1) and met Italy’s Alberta Santuccio in the semi-finals. After a close match, Jung advanced to the finals by winning a 9-8-1 victory.

Meanwhile, Jung has also won medals at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.



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