Jun Hyun-Moo, Seungri, and Hyeri will reportedly host this year’s MBC Entertainment Awards at the end of December.

Image source – OSEN News

On Thursday, OSEN News reported that entertainer Jun Hyun-Moo, BIGBANG Seungri, and singer Hyeri would work together to host the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards on December 29.

Jun Hyun-moo, who grabbed the grand prize at MBC’s “Entertainment Awards” last year, is expected to take the lead with his MC experience with other two younger hosts. Currently, Jun is a cast member on the popular variety shows “I Live Alone,” “Omniscient Interfering View,” and “Unwanted Q.” With his involvement in so many well-rated shows, some are wondering if the host will get another award this year.

With this role, Seungri will try his hand as an MC for an award show. This year has been a big one for the BIGBANG member. As the rest of the group started their military service, he started his solo career. His highly anticipated debut solo album The Great Seungri and his along with his concert and other activities helped to fill in for the absence of the entire group. Besides being an accomplished musician, Seungri has a reputation as a good talker, with outspoken remarks and a great wit. With him on board, the show will likely result in higher ratings for the network.

On the other hand, Hyeri has hosted this award program before in 2016. And similar to both Seungri and Jun, the singer has gained popularity by appearing in various entertainment programs. In particular, her performance in The Idol Star Athletics Championships was well-liked.



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