Just days after headlines announced the popular ‘I Live Alone’ couple Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin are no longer together, many show interest for the newly single MC as he does to work.


Amidst shocking news of the popular couple’s break up, Jun Hyun Moo was seen to be visibly down as he appeared on set of KBS’s ‘Happy Together 4’ on March 9.

Just a few days ago, the entertainment industry was shocked to hear the ‘I Live Alone’ couple had broken up and would be taking a break from the show. Many viewers are expressing their sadness at Jun Hyun Moo’s hiatus. MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ is currently one of the most popular shows in Korea, after taking the mantle from MBC’s former show ‘Infinity Challenge’. Some viewers are hopeful MC Jun Hyun Moo will be able to return to the show soon since its “unimaginable for ‘I Live Alone’ to be without MC Jun Hyun Moo.”


Jun Hyun Moo has been the MC of ‘I Live Alone’ since 2013. Jun Hyun Moo met his former girlfriend model Han Hye Jin on ‘I Live Alone’ and continued to work together on the show. Given the two people are no longer in a relationship, the ‘I Live Alone’ team decided they would wait for both people’s return.