JTBC’s upcoming show “Stage K” invites everyone who can dance to K-Pop!

JTBC has just announced their upcoming variety show, “Stage K,” a program that gives an opportunity to global K-Pop cover dancers to meet with the actual K-Pop idols.

Image Source – JTBC

Starting on November 23, the program has been calling out for fans all around the world to participate in the K-Pop cover challenge. Each contestant will first participate in the local preliminary rounds, and those who pass the first rounds will advance to the main stage in Seoul, South Korea.

Finally, the winner will gain the opportunity to not only meet with their K-Pop stars, but also collaborate on a stage together.

The production team of “Stage K” said, “the dream stage for global K-Pop cover stars will happen. We ask for a lot of participation from many global K-Pop fans, as we plan to overcome the cultural and language barriers to make their dreams come true.”

The only eligibility that a contestant has to meet is that he or she is a foreigner. You may register for the contestant here.

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Translated by Dasol Kim