JTBC’s anchorwoman Jo Soo-Ae has announced her upcoming wedding with Park Seo-Won, the heir of the Korea-based holding company Doosan Corporation.

On November 20, a representative of anchorwoman Jo Soo-Ae reported, “Jo Soo-Ae and Park Seo-Won of Doosan Magazine are getting married on December 8. The wedding will take place at a hotel in Seoul, privately with only family and close relatives in attendance.”

Image Source – JTBC

According to the source, it hasn’t been too long since the couple started seeing each other romantically. However, they recently confirmed their feelings for one another and decided on the marriage.

Furthermore, the anchorwoman has expressed her wish to resign from her position at JTBC. She did not provide a specific reason for the resignation, but words say she will be focusing on her new family after the wedding.

Meanwhile, Jo Soo-Ae became the anchorwoman at JTBC in 2016. At the time, she gained much recognition from the public for beating the odds of competing and winning against 1800 other potential and prominent candidates.

In August, 2018, she once again became the topic of the town for making rather offensive remarks on JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 5” featuring Bada as its original singer. After Bada and other contestants of the show performed “I Love You,” anchorwoman Jo Soo-Ae said, “I think I at least know who is NOT bada. Guest singer No.3. She is bad at singing.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim