Actor Jo Woo-jin is getting married.

On September 24th, Jo Woo-jin’s agency Yooborn Company told Ilgan sports, “Jo Woo-jin is getting married next month. We have not yet made an official announcement, however, since the bride is non-celebrity and we have to discuss a few things with the actor. We will make an official announcement tomorrow morning (25th KST) through press release”.

Jo Woo-jin’s marriage news spread out as he sent out wedding invitations to his close acquaintances.

The bride-to-be is known as non-celebrity, and Jo has mentioned her several times during interviews. The couple are getting married after about 11 years of dating.

Jo Woo-jin made his debut through the 1999 play ‘The Last Hug’, and he showed a memorable performance on the 2016 film Inside Men. Since the film, he has appeared on films including The KingThe FortressSteel Rain, and dramas such as ‘Squad 38’, ‘Goblin’, and ‘Mr. Sunshine’.

His upcoming movies to be released include Rampant, Sovereign Default, Drug King, Money, and The Battle.


Original article
by Audrey Joung